Submission Deadline for “THREE” Extended to March 3, 2014!

We’ve extended the submission deadline for our next book, THREE, to March 3, 2014.   See our previous announcement below for more information.  Submit your work to:

GENERAL GUIDELINES & WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR:  We are looking for stories with Drive, Punch, and Insight.  Consider “drive” as the motivation behind your story, why you have to tell it.   “Punch” is the kick you give us in the intellectual head, or the big “Whoa!” moment, or perhaps the sudden “ah-ha” that connects us to your experience.  ”Insight” is the uniqueness behind your story, the deeper lesson we can learn, or perhaps the awareness we receive well after reading your work.  We accept virtually any topics.  Please give considerable thought to your work, creativity to your craft, and polish to your words.  Although we will edit your work if and when necessary, we are not your English 101 teachers.

Is there a story here?  Oh yeah!  Now go and find and write your own story!

Is there a story here?  Oh yeah!  Now go and find and write your own story!

Use the contact form below to ask questions, to clarify instructions, or to comment on our work in general!