Our Next Challenge to Nonfiction Writers: “THREE”.


On the heels of our first book, “TWO@SJSU” comes our next nonfiction writers’ challenge, “THREE”.  Writers have their choice of three different nonfiction assignments:  a three paragraph nonfiction story, a three “stanza” nonfiction haiku story with an accompanying photo taken by the author, or a three photograph nonfiction “story.”



QUESTIONS?  Email:   Steve “Spike” Wong, Editor-in-Chief, at stevespikewong@gmail.com

The requirements for the three paragraphs story:

• Must be three paragraphs exactly.

• Paragraphs must have some logical flow, organized structure, or creative intent to tie the sentences together. Paragraphs may not be giant collections of sentences tied together with an indent and a final period.
• Three pages maximum. The original work must be formatted in standard format, double-spaced lines, 12 point font, standard font like Cambria or Times New Roman, with standard margins.
• The story must have a punch; no fade-outs. Blah sucks.

The requirements for the three haiku:

• Must follow accepted haiku (in English) format. Each haiku will have three lines and 17 syllables; generally, the syllables are presented in 5-7-5 format. This 5-7-5 format is not a strict requirement.
• In your haiku, economy of words and multi-layered images rule.
• If you have 18 or 19 sylllables, this will not be held against you.
• The photo must be black-and-white, and the author’s original shot.  It must convey some aspect of the story.
• The Pushpen Press Pendant Prize ($50) will be awarded to the most significant haiku submission. To enter this prize competition, you must email a separate copy of your haiku story and photo, without using any name or identifying comments, to PushpenPrize@gmail.com. The decision of the decider-in-chief is final, and represents only what tickled his fancy the most, enabled a significant emotional experience, engendered philosophical awareness, or just plain made him speechless.

The requirements for the three photographs story: go for it.  The work must be your own original photography.  There must be a relatively coherent story line as this is not an abstract or “guess-my-stream-of-consciousness” assignment.  Black-and-white is preferred, as this medium needs more attention in the era of quick and easy digital cameras.  Besides, we probably won’t be printing in color anyway, it’s too damn expensive.

GENERAL GUIDELINES & WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR:  We are looking for stories with Drive, Punch, and Insight.  Consider “drive” as the motivation behind your story, why you have to tell it.   “Punch” is the kick you give us in the intellectual head, or the big “Whoa!” moment, or perhaps the sudden “ah-ha” that connects us to your experience.  “Insight” is the uniqueness behind your story, the deeper lesson we can learn, or perhaps the awareness we receive well after reading your work.  We accept virtually any topics.  Please give considerable thought to your work, creativity to your craft, and polish to your words.  Although we will edit your work if and when necessary, we are not your English 101 teachers.

SUBMIT YOUR WORK:   http://pushpenpress.submittable.com/submit


“TWO@SJSU” can be purchased at:  http://www.amazon.com/Two-SJSU-anthology-nonfiction-University/dp/098966760X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1382139360&sr=1-1&keywords=two%40sjsu


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